The capsule hotel is exclusively for gentlemen use.
The charge of capsule is 3200yen or 3700yen only on Friday and Saturday with a bath and sauna.
24 hours open. We also accept the credit card.

We can keep your baggages during your stay if you wish.
If you stay more than two days, we would like to have subscride as the charge for your stay in the morning.
Check-in time: 2:00pm.(Room in 4:00pm) Check-out time: 1:00pm. (Room out 11:00am)

Please take off your shoes and put your shoes into the shoes locker you like. Be sure to lock.
Please buy your ticket(カプセル券 3200円 or 3700円) by the vending ticket machine and take out it to the front desk with your shoes locker key.
Please sign a hotel register at the front desk.
Change into a gown in the locker room at the back of the front desk.
If you wish, we can keep your big baggages at the front desk.

The capsule rooms are on the 6th and the 7th floor.
The number of the capsule room is the same as a locker number.
You can watch TV in the room by using the earphone. (Free of charge)

You can go out or dine out but must be back by 9:00am.
Please give your locker key to the clerk at the time of going out.
At the time of going out, you carry a rooming list with you.

・Bath room (sauna): 24 hours open. The 4th basement.
Free of charge (towel, shampoo, tooth brush, and shaver)

・Restaurant: closed ~ at 3:30am. The 1st basement.
Breakfast (6:00am~Open) The settlement for a restaurant is charged at a check-out time.

・Washing machine by the automatic detergent injection. (200yen) Drier machine: (100yen for 10 minutes)

・Massage: The charge (3800yen for 50 minutes)
Massage room: Please go down from the 2nd basement to the 3rd basement by stairs.

・Foot massage: The charge (2100yen for 20 minutes) The 2nd basement. We have no internet.

Please enjoy your stay, thank you very much.

3-22-31 Nishiki Naka-Ku Nagoya-City JAPAN
Tel (052)962-5711